My Dog Doesn't Bark - Is This Normal?

My Dog Doesn't Bark - Is This Normal?

Loud and prolonged barking can be quite an annoying problem. It can result in sleepless nights, irritation, anxiety and stress. On top of that, a dog’s bark may irk the neighbors and folks who come by the house. 

While thousands of fur parents struggle with this issue every single day, others wonder why their pet dog doesn’t bark at all. Is this even normal? Is this a serious concern?

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The science of barking 

According to the American Pet Association, dogs normally bark no more than 4 times a day and at least 5 minutes per hour. Barking is a normal part of their life and they use it to communicate with their hoomans. 

In most cases, dogs go woof woof when:

  • They notice signs of intrusion
  • They see someone they don’t know 
  • They feel anxious or stressed
  • They want to respond to other animals, especially other dogs
  • They want to play or express their happiness and excitement
  • They feel extremely bored 

Reasons why my dog doesn’t bark

There are plenty of reasons why your fur baby suddenly stops yapping or doesn’t make a sound at all. To determine whether it’s a cause for major concern, you need to know how long has he/she been acting this way. Also, you need to find out what could have triggered such a response. Let’s take a closer look at possible reasons why your pup won’t bark.

Adjustment period

Newly rehomed puppies and even grown dogs need time to adjust to their new surroundings. Give your dog enough space to get comfortable living in the house and being around your family. 

If your adopted dog went through psychological trauma, you need to be extra patient in helping him adjust to his/her new life. More importantly, you need to constantly offer reassurance by showering your pet with love, care and attention.

Breed disposition

If your dog has been barking since the very first day he/she arrived, then it might be because of his/her breed disposition. 

So, which dog doesn’t bark? Which ones make the loudest noise?

Beagles, Yorkshire terriers, chihuahuas and pomeranians are quite well-known for their constant and loud yapping especially when they get excited or agitated.

On one hand, there are some breeds that seldom bark. Such dog breeds include the whippet, golden retriever and Italian greyhound, says Baxterboo.


Debarking is another potential reason why your four-legged buddy won’t bark at all. It’s a surgical procedure which involves the removal of some tissue in the larynx. While the aim of the procedure is to soften a dog’s bark, it often leads to problems such as chronic coughing, pneumonia and airway inflammation.

If your dog recently went through such procedure, it may take a few months before he/she can fully recover – both physically and psychologically. Again, much patience, love, and care are needed to help the dog cope.  

Medical problems

If your dog attempts to bark but no sound comes out of his/her mouth, then it may be caused by an underlying health condition. IHeartDogs point to health problems such as laryngeal paralysis, tumor, respiratory disease and chronic vomiting as possible causes of your pooch’s non-barking problem.

To help your dog, you should schedule a vet visit. The doctor will provide you with the most viable treatment options based on the diagnosis.

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A dog not barking anymore might raise a major red flag, especially among caring fur mommies and daddies. If you ever face this issue with your pup, take a step back and assess the situation. Use the short guide above to determine why your dog doesn’t bark.

Have questions about dog parenting? Get answers from 50K+ dog parents on the sploot app! Ask Here