My dog is a fussy eater. What should I do?

My dog is a fussy eater. What should I do?

A lot of dogs are fussy eaters. They would rather stay hungry than eat something that they don’t like. Just like humans, dogs too have preferences. However, there is no one formula that will fit everyone or even one food that every dog likes to eat. Here is how you can deal with it:

1. You will have to do a lot of experiments

The experimentation will include introducing new diets, new food types, and seeing how your dog likes them. At the same time, also maintain the required nutritional values.

2. Try changing the texture of the food

For example, if you have been feeding him dry kibble, try mixing wet food with it. 

3. How long you boil the food also matters

If you have been boiling their food for five minutes,  try experimenting with boiling them for a longer period and sometimes for a shorter period and see how your dog reacts to it. 

All the best! We hope you find what your dog likes. You can also set a reminder and take notes for your dog in the Sploot app.