My puppy refuses to get toilet trained

My puppy refuses to get toilet trained

Disclaimer: Housetraining a puppy is very difficult, and takes anywhere between four to six months! 

But you need to keep up your efforts, and that’s the only key. Manita from @thesunshinedog has had three pet dogs till now. So, calling her a veteran dog parent won’t be wrong. And what can be better than having tips to housetrain your dog, from a veteran! 

1. Be consistent

That is the key rule! Put up a note on your refrigerator, on your mirror, your phone’s wallpaper, or a reminder on the Sploot app; and be consistent.

2. Nail the timing

Figure out what time they relieve themselves, and then stick to it. Mostly they like to answer nature’s call after a nap, 15-20 minutes after a meal, or some times when they get excited too.

3. Understand the signs

Some puppies start circling when they have to relieve themselves. Some might scratch the door, whine, bark, or sniffle. That’s your cue to take them out.

4. Take it to the same spot 

Fix a spot where you can take your dog every day. Their own smell will prompt them to do their business. 

5. Reward them

Positive reinforcement always works with dogs. Carry treats with you when you take them out, and after they finish their business, reward them.  

6. Establish a routine

Keep a fixed feeding schedule for your dog. You can remove their food bowls between meals so that they don’t overeat.

It’s easier to train a dog when you follow a routine. To set up reminders for your dog’s feeding time, or its training time, use the Sploot app, and never again miss anything important!