Pet Cooling Mats: Are They Any Good?

Pet Cooling Mats: Are They Any Good?
Photo by Josh Rakower / Unsplash

As the mercury soars, dog parents all over the country begin to worry more about their furry kiddos than themselves. We all know how draining the summer heat can be, especially for our pets wrapped in coats of fur. And so, like any concerned pet parent, we look up ways to help them cool down and feel a little better.

If you’ve found yourself doing just that these past few weeks, then we’ve found something that just might help. Pet cooling mats!

These mats are super convenient and do just what they claim to. Cool your pooch by absorbing the heat from their body.

How? You may ask. Dive into the details to find out!

So first thing’s first…

What Are Pet Cooling Mats And How Do They Work?

Pet cooling mats are fuss-free, portable mats filled with gel or water that are a great addition to your pet’s summer care kit. These are like compact water beds for your pooch that can be spread out anytime, anywhere for them to lie on and cool off on a hot summer day or post exercise.

While a variety of mats are available in the market, the gel-filled ones appear to be the most convenient and effective. To understand how these work, we first need to know how our canine companions lose body heat.

Unlike us humans, dogs can’t regulate their body temperature by sweating it out. That is because their coats of fur do not allow the sweat to evaporate. And no evaporation, means no cooling. Instead these furry guys release body heat primarily through panting or laying on cool surfaces. Therefore, a heat absorbing cooling mat is an excellent way to make them feel cool and comfortable, quickly!

The mat activates when weight is applied to it, that is, when your pet lays on it. And releases the heat trapped within it once your pet moves away. The gel used in these mats are generally non-toxic, making it relatively safe for serial chewers as well. However, if you wish to err on the side of caution, you can opt for a water cooling mat instead.

No more wet doggo worries with a dog cooling mat! 

The Pros of Getting a Pet Cooling Mat

  • A quick and effective cooling method that helps in preventing heat exhaustion and heatstroke in pets
  • Works without electricity
  • Portable mats to go accompany you and your pet wherever you go
  • Can be used as bedding for your furry baby

The Cons of Getting a Pet Cooling Mat

  • Can be a pricey purchase
  • Can take a while for your pet to understand what’s the mat all about and get comfortable using it
  • The temperature regulation provided by water mats may be less reliable their gel-based alternatives
  • These mats may be a choking hazard for dedicated chewers and tearers

Our Take On It

Positive. We think a cooling mat is a great investment if your dog has passed their teething phase and is generally open to sniff investigating and accepting new toys and gear. If however, you have a young dog, ready to munch everything in sight, we recommend trying a DIY version of the cooling mat with frozen washcloths or towels. So that you are still able to help your babies without risking the chance of them ingesting possibly toxic chemicals.

And with that, we wrap up this summer care piece. Stay tuned for a lot more tips, tricks and solutions to all summer woes.

Until then, do help your pupper stay as cool as a cucumber!