Pet registration process in Chandigarh

Pet registration process in Chandigarh

Residents may register their pet dogs on the Chandigarh Smart City Limited app while sitting in the comfort of their homes without going to any offices. Pet owners can also pick up and turn in the paperwork at the MC office after filling it out there. 9,500 pet dogs have registered with the company thus far. A punishment of Rs 5,000 will be imposed for failing to register a pet dog. The MC plans to launch a challaning effort against those who violate the rules, making the registration of pet dogs even more crucial at this time.

An MC Representative stated that they will first publish a notice informing the public to register their dogs in the upcoming days.

After that, the corporation's enforcement division would be instructed to begin issuing challans in April. The number of dogs kept as pets in the city has not been counted by the MC, but is thought to be between 13,000 and 14,000 canines.

Residents have expressed their dissatisfaction at the trouble their pets have given them. Many locals are worried about dog poop in parks and pet dog bite incidents. According to locals, dog owners should be responsible for any issues their pets may have created. 9,500 pet dogs have registered with the MC as of this writing. A punishment of Rs 5,000 will be assessed if a pet dog is not registered.

How to register dogs as pets (only those aged above four months are registered)

You may either submit the registration form in person at the MC office or download it from the internet.

·        Download the I'm Chandigarh app from the Play Store, developed by Chandigarh Smart City Limited.

·        Access the "NOC for pet" menu.

·        Complete the form and provide the necessary papers.

·        Online 500 rupee fee payment

·        At home, a courier will bring the token (number).

·        The token should be fastened to the dog's collar or

·        Take the form to the MOH wing of the MC in Sector 17 and turn it in there.

Documents are necessary

·        Pet health certificate

·        certification from a veterinarian