Pet registration process in Kolkata.

Pet registration process in Kolkata.

The steps in this process outline many ways to register a pet dog in Kolkata.

·        Apply in Person: To receive a license for a pet dog, the applicant must go to their local civic organizations (the municipality, corporation, or local body) in their region.

·        Choose your district name through the following links and . To access the district portal, click the + sign before the district's name and website. Please choose the appropriate menu item under "Municipal Contacts."

·        Visit the appropriate office.

·        Visit the appropriate authorities at the workplace. The applicant must get guidance from the appropriate authority on the registration process.

·        Gather the appropriate application form or, if advised, write on a blank sheet of A4 paper.

·        Send us your application form, filled out, and any supporting documentation requested on our page.

·        The fees and charges will be made public when the authorities have reviewed the application. Please pay, then get your receipt.

·        This application will continue to be handled.

·        When all the steps have been completed and the license is ready, the department notifies the applicant. To receive the license, just follow the notification.

For your safety, it is advisable to present an additional set of copies of the papers and have them countersigned when applying with a government department.

Consult with local pet owners you are familiar with for the most recent information and needs.

Essential Documents

·        Application form

·        residential proof

·        Three copies of a dog's passport-sized picture ( latest )

·        Picture of the immunization card (vaccinated duly against Rabies disease )

·        ID Card, Aadhaar

·        Veterinary doctor's certification attesting to the pet's sterilization and rabies vaccination

·        As appropriate, the applicant's commitment

Note: Authorities may request other information or documents in addition to those specified above. Please give them to ensure efficient processing.

Office Locations & Contacts

Municipal Service Commission,


KOLKATA - 700 014

ENQUIRY NO. - 033 2286 0052

Contact link:


·        Applicants must be looking to bring a dog home as a pet.

·        Those who are at least 18 years old may apply.

·        In the sake of public and animal health, a dog licencing application requires proof of rabies vaccination.

·        Usually, a household is only permitted to have two dogs.


·        At the time of application, please pay as advised by the authority.

·        Don't forget to bring the payment receipt with you.

·        For five years, 2,000 rupees.

Necessary information

·        Name of the animal and its age

·        Pet dog's gender

·        A copy of the vaccination card should include the owner's complete name, address, mobile number, and the name of the organization or clinic where the doctor performed the vaccinations for the pets. Additionally, information on the vaccine, such as the name, batch number, expiration date, and deadline for the same vaccination, should be provided.

·        Breed information for pets

·        Name of applicant, address of applicant, phone number, and email address

Information that might be useful

·        Dog-Badge does not come with a license.

·        A photo of the pet animal is included on the licensing and vaccination record, and one photo is kept at the office as a backup.

·        Any registered dog that is discovered wandering may be impounded and detained at a location designated for this purpose.

It is valid for five years. Processed in no more than 6 working days, once the relevant documentation and any necessary payments have been accepted. According to the advice of a veterinarian, pet owners should regularly vaccinate their animals. Get information from the municipal organization for apartments about the list of allowed breeds.