Pet registration process in Noida

Pet registration process in Noida

The authority has released an app for pet owners in an effort to improve the welfare of Noida's pet owners. Android pet owners may register their pets in Noida. Residents of Noida may register a pet and file complaints if the animal urinates in public locations using the Noida Authority Pet Registration (NAPR) app.

"Easy registration for pets! Launched the Noida Pet Registration Android App and soon for iOS too, to make the registration process simple for pet owners. Residents may also protest if their pet disturbs others or leaves waste in public areas "Chief Executive Officer of Noida Authority tweeted.

·        Every year, pet owners will need to register their animals, especially dogs and cats.

·        You may register and pay fees via the Noida Pet Registration app.

·        Dog owners are required to pay a license fee of $1000 per year.

·        People who possess dogs must notify the appropriate government within 15 days of ownership after receiving an official license from the relevant agency.

·        Any time the dog is in a public space, such as a park, street, road, etc., the owners must keep an eye on it.

·        The pet's owners must prevent open defecation by the animal in public areas like parks and streets.

It is the owner's duty to ensure that the neighbor and anybody else aren’t bothered by or has problems with the care and comfort of the animal. To prevent any form of nuisance to the neighbors or any individual, it is forbidden to operate a dog breeding facility in any apartment or home in a residential neighborhood for commercial sales, purchases, or other reasons, according to an official statement. According to the official statement from the authority, the information must be provided to the authority in written form within 15 days of the activity if the pet owner, who is responsible for paying the license fee to the local authority, dies, sells the pet, or transfers the pet to another location or person.