Raising kids vs raising dogs: what is similar and what is different

Raising kids vs raising dogs: what is similar and what is different

There is no denying that we find a lot of things that are common in dogs and kids. But are there really any similarities between the two? Actually, there are. But at the same time, there are differences too.  Once we understand both of them, we will be able to build a better bond with our dogs. 

First, let us look at the similarities.

1. They both judge through body language and emotions

There is a huge similarity in what dogs and kids think, and how they both behave. For them, what you are saying and what you are thinking is not of as much importance as your actions are. 

2. They take time to grow up 

Both of them have their own timeline to grow up. And it is unfair on our part that we expect the dogs to get pee/potty/leash trained in a month, while we give almost two years to our kids to learn to even eat properly. 

3. Their attention can be diverted easily

Whenever our dog or our kid is not behaving properly or is cribbing,  we attempt to divert them by offering them a distraction like chocolate, television, or toys. The distraction calms both of them. 

However, here again, we get biased in thinking that pampering our dogs would spoil them. 

Despite the similarities, we must make sure that we don’t become over-emotional with the dog and that we don’t overanalyze his behaviour. For example, if a dog rips a cloth of yours, it’s not because he doesn’t like it. It simply is a behaviour that could mean anything.

Now coming on to the differences. 

1. The teaching methods have to be different

While teaching a dog, you will have to look at things from a dog’s point of view. Consider how they understand things and how you can tell them what you want from them. It can’t be the same as teaching human children.

2. Dogs don’t need fancy stuff

Keep things natural for a dog. They don’t need a fancy soft bed, or strollers, etc. They can do with very basic things of need. For example toys that solve the purpose of either engaging them or helping them with teething are good enough for them.

3. Dogs understand the hierarchy

Dogs like to know what number they are placed in the family. So, it becomes very important to maintain it. The dog should know that others come above him. Else he will trouble everyone who he thinks is below him. This can be done by small actions like making him sit on the ground while others are on the couch.

No matter the differences or similarities between dogs and kids, the parents of both are as loving as they can be. Good human parents are good dog parents and vice versa. This is because they have the patience and know how to deal with things. And we know that you are a great parent!