Summer Hacks: Top 6 Ways You Can Make Your Dog Comfy

Summer Hacks: Top 6 Ways You Can Make Your Dog Comfy

Hot days of the year can bring slight discomfort to your beloved dog. If you’re not careful, your dog might suffer from issues such as heatstroke and sunburns. Good thing, there are six very simple and practical ways you can ensure that your dog feels absolutely comfortable even with the high temperature in your area. Check out the list of summer hacks for dogs below.

Say Yes to Hydration

Like their human counterparts, the body of a dog is comprised mainly of water. This suggests that you need to keep your dog well hydrated at all times. The larger dog you have, the more water you need to provide. As a general rule, dogs would need around 50 to 60 ml of water per kilogram of their body weight. So, if your dog weighs 75 lbs, he or she needs around 9 cups of water each day. 

Pick a Better Schedule for Playtime

As much as possible, you should pick a cooler time of the day. It’s best to avoid playing or exercising mid-day. Temperature tends to go up during these hours which can cause severe medical concerns such as overheating. Schedule your dog’s playtime in the early morning or during evening instead of the mid-day or afternoon.

Carry Around Collapsible Water Bowls

Planning to take your dog out during the summer? Make sure you carry around a portable feeding dish with you. This will allow your dog to drink up especially after a long and tiring walk. When you look for a portable dish, try to go for ones that come with a collapsible design. Also, do check for the toxicity of the material used to make the bowl.

Try Using an Elevated Bed

During summer, the temperature tends to rise up so badly that it can be quite uncomfortable for your dog to lie on the ground o the grass. To get around this issue, you can make use of an elevated bed. With this specialized equipment, you can ensure that air circulates properly. It will be useful in preventing overheating.

Make your Dog a Frozen Treat

There are plenty of frozen treats that you can give to your pooch on a hot day. The best ones are those that your fur baby loves eating. You can create your own pupsicle recipe using your dog’s favorite fruits. You can also offer frozen meat cubes as a snack.

Take your Dog for a Swim

Nothing can cool down he boy like a good old dip in the sea. Take your dog out for swimming when the day gets too hot or humid. Just be sure to practice necessary precautionary measures to prevent accidents. You can also use a life jacket made specifically for pooches. These come in various sizes, perfect for specific dog breeds. 

Sploot View: Keep ’em Cool

It would be a shame to miss out on all the fun the summer has to offer because your dog suffered from issues caused by excessive heat. As a fur parent, you need to make the necessary adjustments so you can enjoy but at the same time, take care of your dog’s wellbeing. Use the summer hacks for dogs above this summer.