Summer Haircuts for Dogs - Are They Really Necessary?

Summer Haircuts for Dogs - Are They Really Necessary?

Are summer haircuts for dogs really necessary? Do they feel hot because of their thick coat? What types of haircuts are the best for dogs with thick and long hair? 

There is no simple way to answer this question, mostly because each dog breed has a different need. Getting summer haircuts done correctly is absolutely crucial to avoid issues such as skin irritation and disrupting the dog’s innate cooling system. As much as possible, you should have their haircut done by a pro to avoid problems. 

Benefits of a Haircut 

Dogs are more at risk of suffering from heatstroke compared to their human counterparts. Although their thick and plush coat helps them stay warm during the cold days of the year, it can also cause them to overheat during summer. Which is why it’s good practice for fur parents to book a haircut grooming package, especially for those who have double-coated dogs such as: 

  • Siberian Husky
  • Akita
  • Australian Shepherd
  • Shiba Inu
  • Great Pyrenees

Hypoallergenic dogs and those breeds that have long coats such as Yorkies and Bernese Mountain pooches can also benefit from a summer haircut. If your pup has a relatively short hair such as boxers and bulldogs, then you don’t need to book a haircut grooming appointment. 

Never Ever Shave Your Pooch

Some fur parents make the mistake of shaving their dog’s undercoat in an effort to achieve a clean look during the hot seasons. However, it’s important to remember that shaving a dog’s undercoat should be avoided as much as possible. This might result in laceration or intense skin irritation. It can also immensely affect how your dog’s comfortability. 

The undercoat is not present in every dog breed. Most of the time, only those who have a double coating have this additional coat. It’s commonly found among dogs that spend most of their lives in a cold area. This layer serves various important functions. First of all, it protect their skin from drying. Second, it serves as a natural heating and cooling function. Hence, it can prevent overheating due to the high temperature around their surroundings. Instead of shaving it off, you can cut it instead.

Sploot View: Trim, Don’t Shave

The summer season can get very hot. Just like you, dogs also feel uncomfortable when the temperature rises. This is where summer haircuts come in. If your dog has a plush mane, then you need to consult with the pet groomer. They can trim or cut your dog’s fur depending on the existing length and thickness. Don’t hesitate to ask the pet groomer for more information about haircuts before you proceed. Also, avoid shaving your dog’s fur. Keep the tips enumerated above in mind when deciding about your dog’s haircut or trim.