Teaching Commands: Sit Command

Teaching Commands: Sit Command

It takes a lot of self control of your puppy to follow the sit command or also called the ‘control command’

The ideal way is to say the command ‘sit’ and your puppy sits down which is followed by a reward for following the command.
It is important to teach your dog what the command means and what is expected of them.

Here are the 4 lures to get them to sit:

  1. Hold up a treat to your puppy’s nose, take your hand back and upwards in an inverted ‘L’ shape so that your hand is right above their head. Your puppy will follow their movement and shift their weight back to sit down.
  2. If they are not sitting down after step 1, you can push their bum downwards to the ground to make them sit.

Once they are comfortable with the lures, start using the word sit with the lures, As soon as your puppy sits. Give them the treat.
As they are perfect the above command, you can gradually fade the treats away .

In conclusion, we used 3 stages to teach the command. In the first step we used the four lure methods to get them to sit, in the second stage we insert the command along with the lures and in the final stage we remove the treats.