Top 5 Best Summer Treats For Dogs

Top 5 Best Summer Treats For Dogs

The summer season is a great time to enjoy the outdoors with your furry friend. You get to enjoy walking around the park, running in sandy shores, and meeting with other fur parents. It’s also the time of the year where you need to be extra cautious with your dog’s health. As much as possible, you should pay close attention to your pet’s nutrition to avoid issues. Wonder what’s the best summer treats for dogs? Check out the list below.

Fruit Popsicles

Think humans are the only ones who can enjoy a cold and refreshing fruit popsicle? Think again! It turns out, dogs are also fond of sweet and refreshing treats. You can try making popsicles in different flavors such as banana, strawberry, yogurt, and peanut butter. Your sweet fur baby will love licking the popsicle treat while hanging out with you in your backyard. 

Fruity and Creamy Cubes

Looking for a creamy and sweet treat for your loving fur baby? If you don’t have a popsicle stick or mold, you can use ice cube trays instead. If you don’t have ice cube trays, you can those made from silicone. These molds come in various shapes and designs. It will be easier for your dog to nibble on especially when it gets very hot and humid. You can use your dog’s favorite fruit then you can add a healthy amount of cream cheese.

Frozen Fish or Meat

Protein should always be a vital component of your dog’s diet. During summer, you can make a frozen protein treat for your pooch. You can either slice small bits of meat or fish then add a dollop of fat-free yogurt. Your beloved pooch will surely have an awesome time nibbling his/her frozen protein snack.

Dog-friendly Ice Cream

What better way to keep your dog cool during the summer season that serving him a scrumptious ice cream. There are plenty of dog-friendly ice cream recipes you can check out. Some examples of ingredients you can use include blueberries, bananas, coconuts, carob chips, peanut butter, and bacon. 

Frozen Banana and Pumpkin Treat

Level up your dog’s snack time during summer with a frozen banana and pumpkin treat. It’s delicious and packed with plenty of vitamins and minerals. Some examples of the nutrients your pet can get from these superfoods includes dietary fiber, immuno-boosters, and B-vitamins. This snack is also quite simple to make. As long as you have the basic ingredients in your pantry such as pumpkin, bananas, plain yogurt, and a little bit of honey. Then you only need to combine them together and place the mixture in a candy mold. Let it set and serve after playtime.  

Sploot View: Just Freeze It

When in doubt, just freeze some fruit or their regular snack. Your dog will be occupied with the icy challenge for a while, and then they’ll enjoy the treat at the end of it!

It’s quite common for dogs to overheat during a hot day. That’s why it always comes handy to have some cool summer snacks for dogs prepared. Use the top five ideas shared above when making some delicious treats for your sweet pooch. Which one is your favorite? What ingredients do you think you will use for the recipe?