What is the best way to socialise your dog?

What is the best way to socialise your dog?

If a dog/puppy is socialized properly it will be well behaved and will have a good temperament,  resulting in a happy and relaxed life for you as well. On the other hand, a dog which is not socialized properly is likely to develop behavioural problems and will encounter a lot of things with fear and anxiety. 

Now, who could give better tips on socialising a dog than a veteran dog-parent. Manita from @TheSunshineDog gave us some super do-able tips to do this!

1. Reach the hospital 45 mins early

Whenever there is a vet appointment for vaccination or regular check-ups, go early so that your dog gets time to see other people and it also gets comfortable with that environment. It will then stay calm during diagnosis or treatment as well.

2. Go out on weekends with them

Don’t miss any Saturdays or Sundays. Not only will that make your dog comfortable with people and the outside environment, but with car rides too.


3. Take a trainer’s advise

If you are getting your dog trained, or if you know a dog trainer; ask them for the best places to socialise your dog with other dogs. Some even have pre-trained dogs of their own to do the same.

4. Join dog clubs

Look up for good dog clubs or classes. Some times, the families are asked to stay during the classes so that all the puppies/dogs get to socialize with the other dogs and adults alike.

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5. Familiarise it with different environments and people

Environments like traffic, countryside, music, or get-togethers should be considered positive by your dog. So, take it to these places, and make it meet with people of all age groups.

You can use the Sploot app to:

-plan a schedule for outings

-keep a checklist for your dog’s encounter with different environments, sounds, smells, or people

-Even maintain a photo gallery of your dog for all these moments.