Why Does My Dog Hump? How to Stop It

Why Does My Dog Hump? How to Stop It

It’s a sunny day so you decide to take your dog for a walk. Everything is going quite well until your dog starts humping your leg. You start getting weird looks from people passing by, but your pup simply won’t stop. 

A lot of fur parents mostly feel embarrassed when their dearest pups start humping the first thing they get their paws on. Others feel a tad concerned thinking that it might be a sign of a serious problem. 

So, why do dogs hump anyway? What triggers this seemingly strange and embarrassing behavior? More importantly, what can you do to stop it?

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Dog Humping: A Closer Look

Humping is quite a normal behavior among young dogs. While it’s more prevalent among male pups, females also tend to hump random things from time to time. 

Usually, humping is not a cause for major concern unless it becomes excessive or if your dog starts showing signs of aggression. 

If his/her condition worsens or if your gut tells you that something is wrong, then you may need to schedule a vet clinic visit. After running a few tests, your dog’s vet can determine if the condition is caused by serious medical problems such as urinary tract infection, persistent erection or skin allergy.

Why does my dog continue to hump even after being neutered?

Wondering why do dogs hump after neuter or spay? That’s because humping can be triggered by a lot of things besides sexual urges and hormones. For example, your dog might hump the pillow or sofa because of his or her excitement for playtime.

Humping might also be caused by too much stress. Pay attention to the rest of his/her movements and behavioral changes. He/she might be doing it because of aggression. Check your dog’s surrounding and determine the potential stressors.

How do I stop my dog from humping me?

WebMD explains that you can curb this through distraction and positive reinforcement. For example, if your dog starts acting on his/her urges, you should give him/her something else to do. Then, reward him/her with your choice of healthy dog snack. Do this repeatedly to establish a new habit.

If that doesn’t work, you can call for help from an expert. The odd behavior of your dog might be caused by an infection, disorder or allergy. Your dog’s vet will recommend the best course of action to take.

Sploot View: You Can Break The Habit

Humping can be embarrassing, but it’s not harmful in any way. If you’re wondering why dogs hump the air, your legs, other dogs or your favorite pillow, rest assured it’s not triggered by something serious. 

If you’re not feeling comfortable about it, you need to train your dog to stop humping. Ideally, you should start training while your bud is a few months old. This way, he/she can break the habit as soon as possible.

Have questions about dog parenting? Get answers from 50K+ dog parents on the sploot app! Ask Here