My Dog Won't Stop Barking - What Should I Do?

My Dog Won't Stop Barking - What Should I Do?

Barking is a natural dog behaviour. Your fur buddy uses it to communicate with you as well as other dogs around him/her. Hence, you should expect your dog to bark at least a few times a day especially if he/she feels a bit agitated. Barking only becomes a huge problem when your dog does it excessively. 

When your dog won’t stop barking, you need to find the reason behind such behavior. Check out the possible causes of unwanted dog behaviour and barking problem and how you can manage it.  

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Reasons why dogs won’t stop barking

Some dog breeds are predisposed to bark a lot. According to Baxterboo, these dog breeds include beagles, cairn terriers, Yorkshire terriers and Pekingese. Other dog breeds such as Italian greyhounds, golden retrievers, Shiba Inus and Basenjis don’t yap that much.

According to PetMD, barking can be triggered by a long list of things. Here are some examples of situations that act as dog barking triggers as well the potential meaning behind each bark:

  • Your dog wants to catch your attention – This type of bark is usually short and fast. Most likely your pooch stares will stare at you while continuously barking.
  • Something alarmed your pup – A lot of fur parents complain about their excessive barking dog behaviour when someone rings the doorbell. 
  • Your dear pup feels anxious – When your dog sees a stranger or when you leave the house for school or work, you might notice more whining and yapping dog behaviour from your pooch.
  • He/she sees something he/she likes – It might be another dog, a new toy, or even a new member of the household. This type of barking is usually accompanied by jumping. Your dog simply wants to tell you that he/she is super excited. 
  • There are too many stressors around him/her – Some of these stressors include honking vehicles, fireworks, loud music and change of residence.

How can you minimize dog barking?

If you keep on receiving dogs barking complaint from your neighbor, you most definitely need to make a few adjustments. Below are some ideas you can use to correct a bad barking behavior:

  • Avoid shouting at the dog – This will only agitate your pup even more. Say yes to positive reinforcement instead or simply distract your pet by giving his/her favorite chew toy.
  • Engage in more physical activities with your dog – The more stressed out your dog feels, the more likely he or she will start whining and yapping continuously. Schedule regular jogs or walks with your dearest fur baby.
  • Provide more challenging mental activities – Puppy Leaks suggests getting your dog some puzzle toys or perhaps teaching him/her new tricks.

If you can’t get to the root of your barking issue, you should contact a professional. A trained vet can help you identify the best course of action to take. 

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Dealing with barking problems is a regular part of a fur parent’s life. If you think your dog is doing it excessively, it’s important to identify the possible reasons behind such behaviour. No one knows your pooch better than you do. List the potential causes and try making the necessary adjustments.

Have questions about dog parenting? Get answers from 50K+ dog parents on the sploot app! Ask Here