Why Do Dogs Like to Cuddle - The Real Scientific Explanation

Why Do Dogs Like to Cuddle - The Real Scientific Explanation

It’s a rainy day and you’re stuck inside the house with nothing to do. The next thing you know, your dog is all snuggled up beside you. The same thing happens on a sunny day. You sit on the couch and switch on the TV to watch your favorite show. Suddenly, your dog is beside you, looking deep into your eyes, compelling you to put your arms around him/her. Ever wondered why do dogs like to cuddle? Why do they love being around their hoomans?

Don’t you love it when they make that face?

It’s In Their Nature

Dogs can be incredibly clingy when they’re around the members of their pack. They love getting belly rubs and snuggling in with their fur parents when they have nothing else to do. They like cuddling so much because they can feel the warmth and love of their hooman. 

Besides cuddling with their owners, they also love staying close to other dogs in the pack. In fact, young ones tend to pile up on each other to feel warm. 

Dogs also like to cuddle because it’s bred in their bones. PupplyLeaks explains that canine domestication includes cuddling with their human owners. When dogs were first bred for domestication, they helped humans in hunting and in keeping themselves warm during extremely cold nights.

Never Gonna Let You Go

Releasing the Love Hormone – Oxytocin

There is also the matter of hormone release. A study explains that the positive relationship between a dog and a human triggers oxytocin release. This hormone is believed to be the key to building social interactions between different species. It’s also the hormone released when a mother bonds with her child. 

Any form of bonding activity with your dog prompts the release of the so-called love hormone. So, when you hug or give your dog a thorough brushing or a lengthy belly rub session, they feel loved. The bond between you increases. 

If you observe closely, your dog becomes more friendly towards you, along with the rest of the people in your house that loves to bond with him/her. You also get to develop a stronger trust between each other. 

Ultimately, this prompts your dog to become more cuddly as he/she perceives it as a way of expressing his/her affection towards you and the family. As a result, you should expect him/her to snuggle in with you every time he/she gets the chance. 

Best Friends Forever

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Having a dog in the house is definitely nice. You not only have a reliable companion but also a trustworthy, affection and caring friend who will stick with you, no matter what. The next time your dog snuggles in for a long cuddle, be sure to give him/her a warm and reassuring hug. They definitely deserve every ounce of love you can give them.

Want to know more about your dog’s behavior and other canine fun facts? We have more exciting content for every fur parent out there. Stay tuned to our next discussions. 

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