Why Do Dogs Sigh?

Why Do Dogs Sigh?

You might have seen your dog sigh right after lying down and putting his/her head on his/her paws. Is this a sign of sadness? Discontentment, maybe? Is your dog disappointed? Should you be worried when you see your dog breath heavily and give you that droopy eye look? Let’s try to answer the question “why do dogs sigh?” and check out the meaning behind other dog gestures.

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Why do dogs sigh?

The best way to explain this behavior is to look at why you sigh. Is it because you feel bored? Do you groan when you feel tired or stressed? 

The Ultimate Pet Nutrition explains that the reasons behind dog groaning are quite similar to humans. It’s a basic emotional response that usually tells you that the dog wants to stop what he/she is doing. 

For example, you may notice your pooch groaning a few minutes after walking around your neighborhood. It can be your dog’s way of saying “Hey, I had a great time, but let me just rest and catch my breath for a few minutes.”

Alternatively, your dog might behave this way when you’re not ready to take him/her for a walk. His/her simple groan may signify your pup’s disappointment.

AKC clarifies that dogs sighing with their eyes half-closed signifies pleasure - like your dog emitting a deep sigh riiight when they're about to dose off. When your dog sighs with eyes fully open, it signifies discontentment - like when your dog huffs at you for not engaging in play with them.

Knowing the reason behind a dog’s gesture requires a bit of patience. You also need to be extra attentive to your dog’s usual behaviors so you can quickly trace the possible reasons behind his/her response.     

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It’s interesting to learn about our dog’s gestures and behavior. Sometimes, it takes time to figure out the meaning of a dog’s body language. As you spend more time with your pet, you will most definitely notice these tiny details about him/her. 

Have questions about dog parenting? Get answers from 50K+ dog parents on the sploot app! Ask Here