Why Does My Dog Smell So Bad?

Why Does My Dog Smell So Bad?

Dog Odor Remedies – Lose the Smell, Keep the Pup

A lot of pet owners struggle with foul dog odor. While you may love your fur baby to bits, it’s quite impossible to bear with any nauseating scent that comes from his/her body. Fortunately, there are numerous dog odor remedies that you can use to get rid of any horrible stench. This way, you get to keep your dog healthy and your nose happy. 

Before anything else, go and pinpoint the cause

PetMD enumerates six common reasons why a dog might smell stinky, and these include, skin or anal fold infection, wet fur, yeast infection inside the ears, and flatulence. Let’s take a closer look at each symptom:

  • Wet fur – Wondering why your dog smells bad even after a bath? It’s highly likely that you failed to dry your dog’s coat properly. When the fur stays damp for a long time, bacteria and yeast will infest it, causing it to stink.
  • Infection – Anal sacs, ear and skin infection can cause your dog to smell very bad. If you suspect an infection, take your pup to the vet clinic.
  • Gas attack  – Spoiled or contaminated food can certainly trigger flatulence and extreme discomfort to your dog. See a vet right away if you think your dog ate something bad.

Apart from the issues enumerated above, your pup might also smell nasty because he/she rolled over decaying organic matter or worse – a dead animal. In this case, you can give him/her a thorough scrub.

Proven remedies for your stinky dog

Once you determine the reason why your dog smells awful, you can start looking for the right remedy to use. Below are some of the most effective natural and medical methods used to ensure that a dog smells clean and fresh and clean.   

  • Start with the teeth – Mix one part of water and baking soda and use this paste to clean the teeth of your dog. This will help eliminate bad breath. Rub the paste gently on the teeth using a brush or perhaps your fingers. Then remove it with fresh water.
  • Clean ears mean no yeast infection – Dog breeds like cocker spaniels, beagles, poodles, labrador retriever, pit bulls, and Sharpeis are quite prone to developing an ear infection. Schedule a regular ear clean up to prevent yeast infection.
  • Keep the coat dry and grease-free –  Baking soda is the best ingredient used in making a homemade dog deodorizer. Simply put an ample amount of baking soda on the fur. Once it absorbs oil and moisture, you can brush off the deodorizer with a comb or pet brush.  
  • Keep the beddings clean – Bacteria, fungus and other contaminants accumulate on dirty beddings. Wash these regularly to ensure that your pet smells clean all the time.
  • Don’t forget to wash the plates – To prevent diarrhea and flatulence, you should never fail to clean your dog’s feeding plates and even toys. Sanitize these items regularly to minimize the risk of contamination.  

Sploot View: Plenty of dog odor remedies available!

There are many simple and practical dog odor remedies you can use to get rid of dog stench. If in case it was caused by an infection, it’s best to seek professional help. By doing so, you can eradicate bacterial infestation fast. If the bad odor issue is only caused by poor hygiene, start making adjustments to your usual grooming and cleaning routine.

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