Why is My Dog Licking Me?

Why is My Dog Licking Me?

Help! My Dog Won’t Stop Licking Me

Humans tend to make use of body language to express all sorts of things. For example, when a person feels anxious, he/she might start biting his/her nails. Some folks tend to tap their feet while they wait for someone or something. We tend to use all sorts of non-verbal cues to communicate with others.  

The same is true for your pet dog. However, instead of using varying mannerisms, dogs mostly resort to licking. They tend to lick the floor, your face, your favourite pair of shoes and even the walls. Most dog parents find it adorable, while others feel slightly bothered and irritated. 

Wonder why your dog won’t stop licking? Want to know if this might be a cause for serious concern? Read on to find out.

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Why a Dog Must Lick

There are many reasons why dogs love licking things so much. Animal behaviorists and vets explain that licking is a crucial part of a dog’s life. Right from the beginning, a mother dog uses it to communicate with her pups. 

Then, they use it to communicate with their hooman parents. Additionally they use licking to release stress when they feel agitated by their environment or other animals or humans surrounding them.

Here are some useful interpretations behind dogs licking as explained by dog experts like AKC and Pedigree.

  • Dogs licking face This is mostly done by dogs to greet their hoomans. It’s used to express joy and gratitude.
  • Momma dog licking her pups – Mother dogs lick newly born pups to get rid of blood and the placenta. Licking is also required to help the pups to breathe once they’re out of the womb.
  • Dogs licking paws – This peculiar behaviour can be a sign of an acute or chronic medical problem. A few notable medical issues include skin allergy, ear defect and yeast infection.  
  • Dog licking all parts of its body  – Lots of dogs lick their fur for grooming purposes. They also use it to cool down especially during hot days.
  • Pup frequently licks the walls and floor – If your dog licks abnormal places such as the floor or walls, then this might be a sign of an underlying health problem such as gastrointestinal disease, infection and allergies.

How can you minimize dog licking?

If your starting to feel bothered by your dog’s licking, then you need to pinpoint its root cause. Is it biological? Has he/she been doing this since the beginning? Do you think it’s triggered by stress or anxiety?

Pay attention to sudden behavior changes. If licking becomes excessive out of the blue, then you should consult with a professional. 

Sploot View: Usually Harmless

Dogs licking is generally harmless to both humans and dogs. It’s their ultimate form of expression especially when they feel happy. In excess though, licking might trigger health concerns such as skin irritation and hair loss. 

It may also be a symptom of a serious health problem. If you feel that your dog’s odd licking behavior has gone overboard, then you must schedule a vet clinic visit right away. 

Have questions about dog parenting? Get answers from 50K+ dog parents on the sploot app! Ask Here