Is Your Dog Vomiting Foam?

Is Your Dog Vomiting Foam?

Vomiting foam might sound like an odd problem for your dog, but it can indicate a few serious problems. If your dog is vomiting foam you should get him to the vet right away. This blog will look at the different causes of dog vomiting, what you can do at home, and when you should take your dog to the vet.

Dog vomit happens from time to time. Usually it is a one-time occurence, and nothing to worry about. if your dog is throwing up yellow, or yellow plus white foam– it is because of acidity. For the latter, it can also be something that they ate.

But if your dog is vomiting frequently, one of these can be a reason:

1. It could be a digestive issue

Try to recall what your dog ate. Maybe they ate something when you took them out, which could be causing a digestive issue. Want to learn more about your dog’s nutrition? Read more here.

2. You are not feeding them at regular intervals

Figure out what frequency works for your puppy or dog. And then make sure that you feed them at the same time. Set up reminders for the same on the sploot app. (It’s free!)

3. They might be intolerant to something in the kibble/diet

If you have switched to a new kibble or diet, you can also change the same. The food might have something that the dog is intolerant towards.

By the way – we can help you with a customized nutrition plan for your dog. Check it out here.

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