Why should you adopt a dog?

Why should you adopt a dog?

Bringing a dog or a puppy to the family is like adding a new member to it. Surely this is a decision that one ponders on for a really long time. Because, of course, it is a lot of responsibility. Although one thing is for sure that the dog will bring a lot of happiness along with him.

Once you have set your mind on getting a dog, you might have started your research too on which breed to get. We are sure you have also been seeing posts and ads for adoption of dogs. And it is always a good idea to adopt. Here is why:

1. They are the ones who really need a home

It might be because the foster parent can’t take care of them anymore, or the dog was living in bad conditions, or God forbid, might have met with an accident. So, they need a healthy environment and if you can provide it, why not go for it.

2. You will be saving a life

By providing them a home, and ensuring that they are taken care of, you will actually be saving a life.

3. Not supporting breeding practises

The breeds which are highly sold are bred in large quantities mainly to make a profit out of it. By adopting a dog, you will not become a part of this practice.

4. It is less expensive

Let’s look at it this way- the amount of money you’ll spend simply on ‘getting’ a dog, can actually be spent on taking care of another dog. 

5. They are easier to find

You will not have to wait for a particular breed or to find the right breeder. As soon as you find that connection with a dog, you are ready to bring them home.

6. You’ll be helping the organisation/individual who is taking care of the pets

You will not only get a fur friend for yourself, but you will also help the rescuers by adopting their much-cared-for dog/puppy.

7. Unlimited love is guaranteed

Whatever breed it may be, wherever they come from; once your dog knows his human, he will love you no matter what.

What’s more! The Sploot app will help you take care of him! You’ll be able to set up reminders for grooming, vaccination, food, etc. And you’ll be able to upload their medical records, and  can keep every other tiny detail in one place.