App icon of the Month- May'22

App icon of the Month- May'22

With the community being at the centre of what sploot does, we decided to know more about the people who make this community what it is. We did a little exercise and spoke to a few members of sploot. We were touched to hear the amazing stories that people shared. Not one, not two, but all of these narratives deserved to be written and shared.

Hearing these amazing stories is what gave way to Hoomans of sploot. Each month we choose to share and feature one pet parent’s story.

Each account is interesting and heartwarming in its own way - a recollection of what being a pet parent means and how they came across this journey.

Additionally, the chosen parent also gets to be the face of the sploot app for a short while.

It is our honour to represent the sploot app with what actually makes it so great - the community. Going forth the face of the sploot app will be the face(s) of our most active and recognised users.

There is currently no criteria that we follow to choose the sploot app icon, the choice is made together as a team. Read more about who the current icon is here: Abha and Bobbie